Dental Cosmetic Procedures

Your smile is your greatest accessory. This is why dental cosmetic procedures are a definite must have. Daily dental hygiene is not enough when a winner and confident smile is wanted. Traditional dentistry focuses on keeping teeth clean and out of cavities, dental cosmetic procedures focuses on making your teeth as beautiful as they can be.

Cosmetic dentistry will help restore teeth. Some people’s teeth deteriorate over time and lose their original luster and shine. Decaying teeth are inevitable as people age. For example, a dental filling is great when it comes to compensating lost parts of a tooth caused by age or past cavity problems. There are many different kinds of dental cosmetic procedures, here are some of them.


Veneers are usually made of porcelain. Dental veneers are used to cover cracks or chips on the surface of a tooth to create a better appearance that has been washed away by discoloration or cavities. This procedure can also benefit gaps in the teeth.

Dental Implants

This procedure is used to replace teeth that are lost due to surgery. Having fewer teeth will definitely make someone look older. With the help of this procedure you can look younger – that is without a doubt! This is perfect for someone who lost a tooth or two, especially in the frontal part of the mouth, or those who lost their molars.

Dental Inlays

This procedure is also known as indirect fillings. This is made from porcelain or other materials and provide a “pasta” or “filling” to teeth that has been destroyed in their structure because of cavities or any similar dental problem. These inlays are molded into place and are adhesive bonded so they do not chip off or get destroyed.

Teeth Whitening

People don’t notice that their teeth are turning yellow unless they see the smile of someone who has exceptionally white teeth. Though there are many brands that offer whitening toothpaste, available in the market, a teeth whitening procedure can be very beneficial for you. This procedure does not take long and usually takes just one session. It is also relatively inexpensive. If you are in the habit of drinking coffee, tea or wine and does not practice proper oral hygiene, then you might probably need teeth whitening.

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