Family Dental Plans

What Are Family Dental Plans?

Family Dental PlansFamily dental plans just make good financial sense. Consider what’s happened to your family in the past year. Did you have a child fall and chip a tooth? Perhaps your spouse decided to get cosmetic veneers put on because he or she needed to look good for their job. Perhaps you yourself decided that going in for a teeth whitening was important. And then the worst case scenario of all happens. You find out from a pediatric dentistry expert that your daughter needs orthodontic braces and dental insurance doesn’t cover it. There’s no denying it, the cost of dental care is expensive!

If you would have had a good family discount dental plan though, you may have been able to avoid some of the additional costs that you have paid.

Family dental plans you can hire at, provide many benefits for all of those that are listed on the plan, but usually only those that live in your home. If you decide to purchase one of these plans you’ll be able to get the dental care for your family without having to worry as much about the costs that are associated with them.

Don’t confuse dental discount plans with dental insurance, though. Unlike dental insurance, these plans offer you a discount from the costs of the care. You select the plan that is right for you and then visit a participating family dentist. These dental providers are a part of a very large network of over 100,000 dentists nationwide. They have agreed to provide discounted prices for the services that they have to offer. There are no claim forms, no annual limits and there are definitely no deductibles that come in over the costs of your care. Also, unlike insurance companies, which can make you wait up to a full year before providing assistance, pre-existing conditions are no problem with a discount plan.

How To Compare Dental Plans

If you are considering joining a family dental plan, you should take the time to really compare your options. Not all plans are the same, of course. Just as an employer or organization needs to carefully consider the group dental plans for their individuals one by one, you should do the same.

Consider these 5 things when comparing dental plans.

#1. What treatments and procedures are discounted with this plan provider?

#2. What dentists are included in the network? Does your family dentist accept this HMO? Are these dentists that you are okay with seeing?

#3. Which plan offers the biggest discount on the procedures that you are most likely to need from your family dentist this coming year?

#4. Which plan best fits your budget?

#5. In the event you need to see a medicaid dentist immediately, is the plan you’re considering okay with pre-existing conditions?

Do You Really Need A Family Discount Dental Plan?

You may be looking back over the last year and assume that because you really didn’t need to get any dental work done, why would you want to bother with the cost of a dental plan now?

Well, here are 3 BIG reasons that you should consider.

#1. The enamel on your teeth can NOT be replaced. Once that’s gone it’s only a matter of time before you permanently lose the tooth.

#2. Self esteem issues. Do you really feel good about the way your teeth and the teeth of your loved ones look compared to others close to you and your family?

#3. Oral health has now been linked as a potential contributor to plaque build up in your arteries which can lead to heart disease. Not taking proper care of your teeth could potentially lead to major health problems later in life or even death!

Family discount dental plans provide extensive benefits to your family on a wide level of services. They can help you in a number of ways. If you haven’t been to the family dentist in a long time you are likely to need an in-depth teeth cleaning. After that you’ll need x-rays to determine exactly what you need to have done to get your teeth healthy again. Once all that is taken care of it should be smooth sailing. Each member of your family should then simply have their teeth examined at least two times per year.

Many people will avoid the dentist this year because they feel that they just can’t afford it. With the help of family discount dental plans though, there is great chance that most families will be able to finally be able to afford the care from the family dentist that they need so badly.

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