Arkansas Dental Plans

Arkansas dental plans offer superior savings over traditional dental insurance. Arkansas discount dental plans will save you anywhere from 10-60% off on both routine dental care and major dental procedures. This is unlike dental insurance, which focuses primarily on preventive care and does not cover pre-existing conditions until you’ve owned the policy for at least a full year, and even then you’ll only receive a small amount of coverage.

Arkansas Discount Dental Plans At Work

The following example was originally taken from the Aetna Dental Access Plan, available in the Bentonville, Arkansas area. This plan is also available in Rogers, Fayetteville, Little Rock and all of the state of Arkansas.

Let’s say that you or one of your family members is in need of a root canal. The average national cost of having this procedure done (for a Molar tooth) is $829.00. With this particular dental discount plan your cost would only be $412.00. This is a savings of $417.00, which is over 50%. The cost of this plan is just $99.95 per year for an individual or $149.95 per year for an entire family. This means that if you need a root canal performed on a Molar Tooth, your first visit to the dentist would save you $417.00, minus $149.95 for a family dental plan, equals a total savings of $267.05. If you’re single you can add another $50 to your savings for a total of $317.05.

Keep in mind that this is only for one procedure. You and your family will continue to save money every time you visit the dentist, for an entire year. These savings can add up to be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Has it been awhile since you or your family have been able to see a dentist? Don’t feel bad or embarrassed about it. Latest statistics show that 7 of 10 people in the USA have no dental plan, so this is completely understandable. Arkansas is no different. Let’s look at what your initial savings would be with this discount plan.

Save On Both Routine And Major Dental Care With A Dental Discount Plan

The first thing you would need to have done is an “In-Depth” check-up. The usual cost of this would be $67.00, but with your new plan you will only pay $28.00, a savings of $39.00. Next, you’ll need full mouth x-rays taken. This way your dentist will know right away what work needs to be done immediately and what can wait. The usual cost of full mouth x-rays is $104.00, but you’ll only have to pay $50.00, a savings of $54.00. After this is done you’ll need an adult teeth cleaning done to get rid of all that plaque build up and also make it easier for your dentist to work on your teeth. The usual cost of adult teeth cleaning is $75.00, but you’ll only pay $38.00, a savings of $37.00. Now you’re ready to take care of any major dental work that you may need done.

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Did you see what you’ve just done in this example above? You’ve gotten all of your basic needs taken care of and already saved a total of $131.00. If you have a family, your savings will be through the roof in no time at all.

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