Delaware Dental Plans

If you live in the state of Delaware and are in need of a good individual or family dental plan, you have made it to the right page. I know, I know, it sounds like another sales pitch, but I’ll make you a promise before we begin – sales pitch or not, I promise to only share with you the truth and nothing but the truth, after which, you are free to make your own judgments, fair enough? Then let’s get started.

There are really only two options available to you. These are dental insurance and discount dental plans. Let’s take a look at both.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is designed to provide preventive care in order to keep major problems from occurring. This means that most policies will encourage you to go in for regular check-ups and cleanings in order to keep from having to pay for something major later on.

There are two things that are very discouraging about insurance in this day and age that you need to be aware of. Most decent dental insurance plans are very expensive. I’ve been personally quoted $50 per month for an individual plan and up to $100 for a family plan. This is extremely expensive.

Keep in mind that you must also pay an annual deductible before your insurance will begin to help you. There are some insurance plans that are being advertised online that are under $10 per month, but I urge you to read the fine print before you buy this coverage. Look at the policy exclusions and you’ll see exactly what the policy does not cover. Also, find out what the maximum amount of coverage is each year, whether it’s for an individual or family and how much your deductible will be. This cost comes directly from your pocketbook before the insurance company will pay one cent.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is that dental insurance will not pay for an existing condition. This means that if you have a need to see a dentist because of a cavity, broken tooth, you’re in pain or whatever other reason, that you’ll have to pay for that yourself. There’s a mandatory 12 month waiting period before these policies will begin to help pay for pre-existing conditions, and even then, you’ll only receive partial coverage.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans aren’t insurance so you won’t have to worry about any of that. If you have a cavity, need a tooth pulled, need dentures, need a check-up, or whatever other reason, you’ve got no worries.

Discount plans simply provide big discounts on dental care that you have performed at one of their participating dental providers. This is how you get started.

#1. Find a participating dentist in your area. There are 15 participating dentists within 50 miles of the Dover area so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a dentist.

#2. Pay the annual enrollment fee to join. This can be as little as $79.95 for a single person or $149.95 for a family dental plan.

#3. Wait 1-3 days and make an appointment. Actually, you could probably make an appointment right away once you have your membership number.

#4. Visit your dentist and pay them in full at the time of your appointment for the care they provide you.

That’s it! No hassle, very little paperwork, no billing and everyone is happy.

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