Indiana Dental Plans

There are basically two different types of dental plans available to consumers in the state of Indiana. These two types of dental plans are Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans. There may be a variety of different plans to choose from but whatever plan you choose will likely be one or the other of these two, give or take a bit of benefits.

The next question you probably want to know is “which plan is better, Dental Insurance or a Discount Plan?” That’s a very good question, although you may be surprised by the answer. Both provide inexpensive options for preventive dental care. This means that they encourage you to get your teeth cleaned, get fluoride treatments, get x-rays and whatever else you need done in order to prevent something more costly from happening. This is where it gets confusing though. What if you don’t have a plan yet, but you need to see a dentist right away? Let’s take a look at the two types of dental plans and see what they have to offer.

Dental Insurance

A Dental Insurance plan will provide inexpensive trips to the dentist for preventive care, as stated above. These visits will either be low cost or no cost, depending on the plan you join. You’ll likely have to pay a co-pay and have an annual deductible to meet before your insurance will begin to pay for your care.

The biggest drawback with Dental Insurance in Indiana or any other state is that insurance will not immediately pay for pre-existing conditions. This means that if you haven’t joined a plan yet and you have problems with your teeth right now that you’ll have to pay 100% of the costs yourself. Most people are not aware of this and buy Dental Insurance with the intention of getting their teeth fixed, but it does not work that way at all. Let me ask you this. Would you expect your auto insurance company to pay for repairs on a used car that you just bought if the damage was already there when you bought it? Dental Insurance works the same way. It’s designed to provide protection in the event that something “Might” happen, not something that already has happened.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount Plans were a novelty of sorts when they were first introduced back in the 1990’s. Many people were wary of them simply because they were not insurance and, of course, it couldn’t possibly be any good if it’s not insurance, could it? Well, if you read the example of Dental Insurance above, the fact that it does not cover pre-existing conditions answers that question right away. Let’s take a look at what Discount Dental Plans really offer.

#1. They are NOT insurance, therefore you can be seen for any pre-existing condition and get a big discount.

#2. Very little paperwork to deal with. Simply show your discount dental card at the time of your visit and pay the discounted fee in full. It’s that easy!

#3. Save as much as 60% on dental care. This depends on the plan you choose, where you live, the care you need, etc.

#4. No age limits

#5. No major exclusions

#6. See a dentist within 1-3 days from the day you enroll

#7. No deductibles, No co-pays

And much more….

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