Colorado Dental Plans

There are now several excellent discount dental plans in Colorado that you can choose from. You can choose from both individual or family dental plans and save a significant amount of money on each visit to a participating dentist or dental specialist.

Dental Discount Plans Provide Better Savings Than Dental Insurance

Unlike dental insurance, which is geared toward preventive dental care, such as cleanings, etc., discount dental plans provide immediate savings on both preventive care AND major dental care, such as a root canal, braces (Orthodontics), dentures and much more.

How To Save Big With A Discount Dental Plan

Don’t think for one minute that you’ll be getting the low end of the savings chart on the major dental procedures either. The discounts provided are designed to provide you with savings across the board, so don’t worry about that one bit. As a matter of fact, here’s an example of the savings that is provided with these dental discount plans. I’ll take an example of someone looking for dentures in the Englewood, Colorado area. This example given is from area code 80150, however, this plan is available in Denver and throught the entire state of Colorado. Also, there are 398 dental providers to choose from within a 50 mile radius of this zip code so you won’t have any trouble finding a participating provider that you’re comfortable with.

This discount dental plan is called the “Aetna Dental Access” Plan and is one of over two dozen plans available in Colorado.

The usual cost of an upper denture, based on national statistics, is $1,252.00. By joining this dental discount plan your cost will only be $694.00. That’s going to save you $558.00, almost 45% off.

The annual cost for becoming a member is only $149.95 for a family dental plan or just $99.95 for individual plans. If you have a family then simply deduct $149.95 from the $558.00 that you just saved on your dentures and you’ll still have an overall savings of $408.05. Keep in mind that this is only your first visit and your family will reap the rewards from this discount dental plan for the next 12 months too. Many families have saved thousands of dollars off on their dental care by joining one of these plans.

Sign Up For A Discount Dental Plan Today & Save 10% Extra!

So the question that I need to ask you now is this…Why put it off any longer? There are dozens of participating providers in the following cities and throughout the State:

Centennial, Pueblo, Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Denver

Take a good look at the savings that this plan provides. You can get started Right Away by entering your zip code in the light blue box above or by simply clicking HERE Right Now!