The Connection Between Oral and Overall Health

Did you know that just because you have good oral health doesn’t mean anything? Having clean teeth, mouth and gums make a shinny sparkling smile. And did you know, that there is a connection  between oral and overall health? There’s a saying that “healthy mouth, healthy you” and which is really true according to scientific researchers. Here is some information for you to understand why oral health has a connection between overall health.


The Risk of Bad Oral Health

With clean mouth you prevent some deceases that may harm our body. There are lots of bacteria in our mouth which are some of them are good bacteria, those bacteria help our body to have some infections and without that bacteria body is prone to different kind of deceases. Here are some of them:

  • Diabetes – if the mouth has an inflammatory disease, it weakens the body to control blood sugar. Without sugar people’s body with diabetes will have a hard time producing insulin, the energy converted from sugar.
  • Memory loss – people with gingivitis (gum bleeding) has the tendency of having a worse test of memory.
  • Heart disease – inflammation of the gums may cause occlusion of the blood vessels of the body that may put the risk of having a heart attack.
  • Lung condition – with gingivitis, people sometimes swallow, causing bacteria to go in the lung that may weaken its immune system.
  • Preterm birth – woman who have severe gum problems had the high-rate risk of having preterm delivery and may give a low weight baby. The theory that oral bacteria releases toxic that can harm the fetus.

There are six (6) ways that good oral health do to your body and helps keeps you well and healthy. Always remember that keeping a regular oral hygiene makes a boost in overall health. These are the list them:

  1. Boost confidence, self-image and self-esteem.
  2. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Prevent memory loss/preserve memory.
  4. An aid to pregnant woman carry a baby to a term.
  5. Keeps the blood sugar circulation.
  6. Avoid the risk of having inflammation in your body and infections.


Bad Oral Health Prevention

There are lots of ways how to protect your mouth. These are some of them that can help you in your oral hygiene.

  • Brushing your teeth – one of the best protection for bad oral health. Make sure you do it at least twice a day.
  • Food – eating healthy diet foods reduces the ability of bad bacteria to grow. Also limit your time between meal snacks.
  • Floss – daily flossing helps and keep to remove those stains or foods left between your teeth that can start building or creating bad bacteria.
  • Change/replace your toothbrush every three (3) to four (4) months. Even replace toothbrush every time you feel that the bristles are worn off.
  • Have a regular dental check up from your doctor.

Remember: Every time you have there’s an oral problem comes, contact or go to your dentist to avoid gum, teeth or oral health problems.


Having a good oral health also boost your confidence and self-esteem. With a good and healthy mouth prevent you from having cavities, sleep well, eat proper food, even work with no worrying  of any gum and teeth aching. Speaking of sleep, have you experienced not sleeping well because of difficulty breathing? If yes, then you might have sleep apnea. Try asking your dentist if they offer sleep apnea oral appliance therapy.

And with a clean mouth you have a clean saliva, which is the main defense again bad bacteria and viruses. Saliva contains a protein called histatin (anti-microbial and anti-fungal proteins) helps fight viral pathogens, such as HIV and the common cold. Always remember that oral hygiene or oral health is not just for the mouth, it is also connected to the overall health of your body. Clean mouth, clean body – healthy body. For people living with HIV that need dental care, they can go to clinics that provide HIV dental work.

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